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Top secret tips to a successful office move

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It’s no secret that moving offices can be a huge pain… a challenging process.

What CAN seem like confidential information are the secrets to making your move successful!

We understand — there are just so many moving pieces and logistics to consider:

  • Developing a game plan for the move.
  • Figuring out how to keep your business running smoothly while you relocate.
  • Planning protocols to keep secure information safe and available.
  • Deciding which pieces of furniture to retire, which to take, and what to do with the items you no longer need.

And that’s before the first box is even packed!


(Read this in a whisper. If it’s in a dashing, super-spy British accent, even better!)

Commercial moving companies know some secret tips and strategies to make a move successful. Not everyone knows this, but we at Appleton are going to share this top secret information with you. 

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to read this information, commit it to memory, and execute a successful office move. Read fast, because this blog post will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…

Just kidding of course. 

This blog won’t self-destruct. And you don’t have to memorize the information. And we use the word “secret” loosely.

But okay, Double-O Business Owner: here are the secrets to a successful commercial move.

Secret #1: Minimize the Downtime


It’s something nice on the weekend, but not something that you want for your business while you’re moving spaces. As a business owner, you want your company to continue to move as smoothly as possible during the move.


Stay flexible

During your move (whether or not you’re looking at commercial moving companies), it’s important to be flexible and keep an open mind. Planning a complex task with multiple steps (like, say… moving offices), requires flexibility and an open mind about the sequence of steps and timeline in which those steps will happen. 

When you’re moving equipment or furniture, some items will need to be moved first — and others can wait until later.

Sometimes unexpected obstacles and delays can happen while following even the best-laid plan, and being rigid about the sequence of steps can lead to inefficiencies and delays. 

  • Will you be able to move into your new space during business hours?
  • What if the elevator isn’t available… and your office is on the third floor?
  • What lease termination repairs, cleaning, and cable removals are required before vacating your old space?
  • Have you factored in enough lead time to keep the move smooth and efficient (Appleton recommends at least three months)?

But, by being open-minded and flexible (and maybe considering commercial moving companies), you can make adjustments to the plan and timeline to suit the situation — and adapt to the changing circumstances to get the best outcome.

Consider new servers and redundancies

You’re moving offices. Now could be a great time to consider whether it’s time to invest in new servers and back-up equipment to ensure the safety, reliability and availability of your information. 

Without the safeguard of redundancy, a single point of failure could lead to significant downtime (which you’re trying to avoid)! However, this new equipment can also increase the cost of your move — so be sure to weigh the costs against the benefits for your business.

Talk to a consultant

Even the world’s favorite secret agent had Q, his faithful consultant!

Consulting with a commercial moving company can help you achieve the goals of maximizing uptime, minimizing downtime, and ensuring the least disruption possible to your business operations while you move.

Certified moving consultants (CMCs) are familiar with the whole office moving process and timeline, and can help you take care of details (like lease termination requirements) that might end up causing unwanted downtime.

Secret #2: Handle (sensitive materials) with care

Like a secret agent, you may need to handle sensitive or confidential materials during your office move. It’s essential to have a plan to ensure these materials are safe and secure.

Assign a point person

When there’s sensitive material to manage, assign a person on your team to be responsible. This designated team member can oversee the process and make sure the materials are handled appropriately.

Keep it labeled and organized

The last thing you need is for sensitive or confidential materials to be misplaced during the move! Clearly label and organize these items so you know where they are, and who is handling them.

Work with an expert

When your business has sensitive materials to transport, consider working with a commercial moving company with experience. Appleton Moving Company has the expertise and protocols in place to handle your sensitive materials securely.

Secret #3: Disposing of Used Furniture

When you think about your office move, getting your furniture and equipment to your new location is likely one of the first things that come to mind.

But some of your furniture might not be making the move.

Disposing of used furniture can be a time-consuming process. But here are some secrets approved by commercial moving companies that can take the headache out of the whole furniture disposal business.

Get new furniture

We’re serious! 

Buying new, modular furniture can actually be more cost-effective than moving your old furniture. 

That couch that is basically self-destructing anyway? It might be a better choice to chuck it and get a new one for your new space.

If your furniture is still in good condition (but isn’t coming with you to the new office), consider donating it to a charity. This not only takes care of your old furniture, it can benefit your community. Selling old furniture is also a possibility, but can be difficult. With so many businesses downsizing since the Pandemic, the market is saturated with used office equipment for sale. In either of these situations, a commercial moving company like Appleton can help by putting you in touch with a liquidator.

Or, if the furniture is perfect for the old space (but not for your new office), you might consider leaving it behind as a feature for the next occupant. Just make sure to consult your landlord and follow lease termination requirements.

Find an eco-friendly mover

When you’re considering commercial moving companies, look for one with a “recycle, reduce, reuse” mentality. At Appleton, we’re committed to helping your business dispose of unwanted equipment in environmentally-responsible ways.

Top Secret information for a great move

The secret to a successful office move (shhh!)… isn’t really a secret.

 Successful moves with minimal downtime and frustration are the result of planning, handling logistics, and knowing what to expect. And an experienced commercial moving company like Appleton can make that happen for your business.

When you’re moving offices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed — and not even know where to start! If that sounds like you, find someone you can consult.

At Appleton Moving Company, we genuinely want to help businesses like yours find the right people to make the right decisions. Regardless of whether we end up as your mover, we value helping you create a great moving plan that benefits your business.

So with this top secret information, go forth, Double-O Business Owner, and you too can execute your office move with the confidence of a super spy.

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