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Cart with piles of used internet wires from cable removal service.

The office is clear, but you’re still not moved out? 3 reasons why you need a network cable removal service

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If you’ve ever moved out of an office space, you know what a big job it can be!

Moving large furniture.

Disassembling cubicles.

Packing up tech equipment.

And so many nail holes to patch in the walls!

But even after all these are loaded up on the moving truck, and everything is vacuumed and tidied up, there might still be a HUGE job that you can’t see.

The office might look empty, but often the walls are full of network cables that kept your business’ tech connected. 

When out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind

It’s easy to forget about cable abatement when there is so much else to do — and you can’t even see them inside the walls! So why would a business need to worry about hiring a cable removal service?

Here are three reasons it’s important to remove the old cables from your office:

1. Lease Agreements

Often, rental leases require low-voltage cable removal as a condition of terminating your agreement

Considering how many telephone wires, internet cables, and fiber optic and coaxial cables are used to keep offices up and running — it’s easy to see how abandoned cables could build up over the years. Since the early 2000s, removing old, abandoned cables has been an electrical code requirement. Building owners may face fines if an electrician determines that old cables haven’t been removed — so it makes sense that removal is frequently part of a lease agreement.

2. Safety

Old, low-voltage cabling isn’t just a clutter problem — it can be a safety issue as well! For decades, it was common practice for tenants to leave their disconnected cables when they moved out. As new renters set up their offices, they would install new cabling systems. All this abandoned cable can be a serious fire hazard, adding fuel and accelerating the spread of fire (as well as releasing toxic fumes and creating smoke). This is a huge liability and safety concern for both tenants and emergency responders.

A network cable removal service can help make sure your office is up to code and safe from these risks.

3. Efficiency

Old, unused cables can lead to other major headaches for an office. Have you ever tried to untangle a box of Christmas lights that weren’t properly put away? It’s frustrating and can take forever

Abandoned cables can also get tangled together with your current wiring, making repairs confusing and tech problems difficult to troubleshoot.

And cables can also take up a huge amount of space and even inhibit your air conditioning system. In a place like Texas, where keeping your equipment and employees cool is a priority  — that can be a big problem.

DIY or cable removal service?

Hopefully, it’s clear why it’s important to remove your old low-voltage cables — even though they’re not visible.

But why should you hire a cable removal service instead of just doing it yourself?

At Appleton Moving Company, we offer cable removal in addition to moving your office or as a stand-alone service.

It’s a big job, but we can do it!

Over the past 18 months, we provided cable removal services for multiple call centers that were decommissioned. There was so much cable to take out, that many other companies didn’t want the hassle of removal. 

We understand that network cable removal can be a HUGE job that a business might not be able (or want!) to do themselves. We can get it done — and done right!

Making the (right) cut

Also, with so many wires, it can be confusing to know which to remove, and which to mark for future use. If you are in a building with multiple tenants, you want to make sure that you’re only removing your cables — and not your suitemates’! At Appleton, we have the experience and expertise to properly remove unneeded low-voltage cables.

Proper disposal

Once the cables are removed, we can recycle or dispose of them properly.

Whatever your moving needs, Appleton offers solutions!

Whether you need a full office decommission, moving services for a few items, cleaning, cable removal services (or all of the above!) — Appleton can work with your business to find a solution that meets your needs. 

We know moving your office can be overwhelming — and removing old, low-voltage cabling is just another thing that has to get done. Whatever your needs, we can help make your office decommission stress-free. Call Appleton today for a quote on your move. 

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