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Businessman moving into a new office after an office decommission.

Don’t let downsizing get you down — let us handle your office decommission

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Howard looks into his office space and sighs. 

A 12-foot meeting table. 

A dozen or so cubicles. 

Tons of decor ON the walls…and (what seems like) miles of internet cabling running through them and into the server room.

“What am I going to do with all this furniture in the new office? And how are we going to get this old space cleaned and repaired when the lease is up?” he says aloud.

He looks over at his in-office employees, Frank and Charlene — who avoid eye contact. They definitely don’t want to come in on Saturday and patch nail holes…

The office decommissioning trend

Like many other businesses, Howard’s company changed to a remote model of work during the height of COVID. The change to a remote office staff was the only option at first. However, he’s since discovered that a lot of his business can be done just as well (and more cost-effectively) with the majority of his staff working from home. Now, of his 15 employees, only two need to come in person. It’s working for his employees and his business, but Howard has a problem.

His lease is almost up, and he no longer needs his large office space and big pieces of furniture. Howard needs to downsize.

Although it really picked up speed in 2020, we’ve seen the office decommissioning trend continue into 2022. As leases end — and with fewer employees in-office —  it makes sense for many companies to downsize and transition to spaces that fit their current needs.

In the past, office moves were usually lateral (or to larger spaces) to accommodate growth. In these cases, moving companies would inventory office furniture and reconfigure it for the new space. 

But since remote work seems here to stay for many businesses, it is often less expensive to get rid of the old, big stuff and buy new furniture that matches their new, smaller office space.

However, this leaves many business owners (like Howard) scratching their heads about what to do with their large meeting room table — and dreading how to make the move. The thought of moving heavy furniture, disassembling cubicles, and making repairs can feel overwhelming.

An office decommission doesn’t have to be a headacheAppleton can take the hassle out of downsizing!

What is a decommissioning service?

An office decommissioning is a service that can be added on as you are moving out of an old office space — or re-organizing within your current space. 

Decommissioning services we offer:

  • Taking care of unneeded furniture: If your office furniture no longer works for your space, Appleton can connect your business with a liquidator — or dispose of and recycle what you don’t need.
  • Leased Decommission Service: Appleton can remove all items from the walls, patch the holes, and make repairs.
  • Internet Cable Removal: Remember Howard’s miles of internet cable running through the walls to the server room? Many modern leases require the removal of these cables as a condition of terminating a lease. Appleton can remove them from the walls and make any necessary repairs.
  • Tenant-ready office cleaning: We can clean up (and even sanitize, if you’d like) your old office space so that it is move-in-ready for the new tenant.

You can choose any combination of services! Sometimes, a provider for a certain service is already specified as part of your lease. That’s no problem — we can provide solutions for your office move with as much (or little) involvement as you need.

We understand that moving can be stressful, and decommissioning can be just more thing to do. Whatever your moving needs, Appleton can be a trusted partner in making your space work for you.

Whether you need us to remove internet cables, move furniture, recycle unneeded materials, or do it all — Appleton is here to help.

A hassle-free office decommission 

Downsizing your office doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Like Howard, you might feel overwhelmed by the task and process of moving. With Appleton, you can feel secure that your office decommission will be handled thoroughly, professionally, and with utmost care. 

Don’t let downsizing get you down. We can get your office moved, repaired, cleaned, and ready to go. You can start this new chapter for your business — and settle into your new space — with confidence.

Are you wondering if Appleton Moving Company’s services are the right choice for your office decommission? Contact us today for a quote on your move.

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