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How good questions = great long-distance moving solutions

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What a mess.

Sarah hired a moving company to help her move across the state. 

She looked up long-distance moving companies, called the first one on the search results, and asked whether they had availability— but she found out the hard way that she should have asked *way* more questions.

First, the movers showed up at 7 a.m. 

Sarah works overnight hours and she’s exhausted, but 7am was the best time for the mover.

Then, the movers packed up her important files and information — but haphazardly and without clearly labeling the boxes. Now Sarah will need to sort through TONS of boxes and papers to find the documents she needs (not that we at Appleton would ever handle our customers’ belongings so carelessly)!

To top it off, the moving van was too tall for the parking garage clearance. The mover had to bring smaller vehicles, which took more time and cost extra.

Sarah now has to deal with extra downtime, a longer moving timeline, and the cost of change orders for the revised services.

And she still needs to hire someone to clean up because she’d assumed the mover would take care of that too. 

But you know what they say happens when you assume…

Getting good information

Wooden figure and question mark about long-distance moving.

When you’re choosing a long-distance moving company for yourself or your business, it’s important to ask questions.

Asking the right questions helps you (and them!) gather relevant information (like the parking garage clearance and your company’s work schedule) and anticipate and solve issues before they’re problems.

Finding out the right information can help spare you from wasted resources, lost time, and other stressful fallout from a poorly planned move.

And the right questions can help you choose a long-distance mover that meets your needs, saves you stress, and minimizes downtime.

Questions to ask

Understanding the mover’s services

Asking about the range of services a mover offers can help you decide whether the mover can meet your specific needs. 

  • Does the mover offer turnkey services?
  • What about low-voltage cable removal
  • Do they have warehouse and storage services if you need them? 

Some long-distance moving companies offer a range of services that can make your move much less stressful. Appleton offers services from packing and moving to cleaning and lease termination. We can get your old space ready for its new tenant and completely set up your new office.

If you’re wondering whether your mover can save you the hassle of hiring other services to complete your move, just ask!

Experience and credentials

Does your mover have experience with moves like yours?

Some moves might entail moving specialized equipment or sensitive information that requires a security clearance — or have other regulations and tight timelines to follow.

Ask your long-distance moving company about their licenses, certifications, and affiliations. You need a professional and reliable mover that follows industry standards and regulations.

Equipment and handling procedures

Your mover will be handling valuable items and information. Asking about their handling procedures, packing methods, equipment, and transportation logistics are very fair questions.

  • What equipment do they use? Is it the right equipment to move your belongings?
  • Does a company have the right tools and training to remove items from your walls without causing damage?
  • Do they use reusable plastic totes or disposable cartons to move your equipment?
  • Does your mover have vehicles to meet your building’s height clearance?

A quality long-distance moving company (like Appleton) will have experience and expertise handling your equipment. We use specialized packing materials, train our team in proper packing and handling, and ensure that your valuables are protected during the move.

Whenever possible, we use reusable plastic totes because they’re easier to handle (and protect our clients’ belongings better), environmentally sustainable, and more cost-effective for us and you! 

But if they don’t tell you this information (or you don’t know the right questions to ask!), you might end up with a mover that isn’t right for you.

Insurance and liability

Even if you’ve already selected a mover, it’s important to find out about their insurance coverage and liability protection.

  • Do they have the right insurance to operate in your facility?
  • What about vehicular insurance?
  • Are they covered by worker’s comp?
  • Do they have the necessary professional work requirements?

This information isn’t just important to protect your belongings from loss, damage, and accidents — your building owner also wants to know that their property is protected! Property managers have rules and requirements, and your mover needs the right insurance to operate in these spaces.

References and reviews

At Appleton, we always recommend asking a prospective mover for references and following up with their other customers. Checking references and reviews is one of the best ways to find out a mover’s track record and reliability.

Ask these references:

  • Did the mover carry out the move in the estimated time?
  • Did they deliver on their promises?
  • Did you end up with multiple change orders (changes to the original moving plan or contract)? Were the changes due to your needs changing — or poor planning on their part? 

Pricing confirmation

Have you gotten any other quotes to make sure you’re getting a fair price? Moving can be a big expense, so get an “honesty check” on your moving quote. If another quote is within 2-5%, you can feel confident that you’re getting a fair, competitive price.

At Appleton, we pride ourselves on treating others with honesty and integrity — and helping customers get the service they need. We encourage clients to confirm quotes so they’re confident in our pricing and service.

Does your mover know YOU?

Getting to know the experience, qualifications, and services of a long-distance moving company is important.

But does your mover understand YOUR business? 

Remember Sarah’s fiasco from earlier? The mover didn’t take the time to understand her needs and just did what was easiest for their schedule — not Sarah’s.  And if it’s a business move, they’ll also need to get the right departments onboard at the right time to minimize disruptions to your business operations.

It’s important for a mover to understand what’s important to YOU before moving your home or office. Everyone has unique requirements, priorities, and challenges.

When movers take the time to understand your priorities, we can tailor our services to your specific needs for a smooth and efficient relocation. We can work with you to address any concerns, answer questions, and provide the necessary guidance throughout the moving process. 

A good long-distance moving company intentionally learns what makes your situation unique and is better at keeping everyone on the same page, minimizing downtime, and making your move efficient.

Total confidence in your mover

All his deliveries are running smoothly with long-distance moving.

At Appleton, we believe that you should have total confidence in your moving company. 

If you’re not completely confident, it doesn’t cost to get another bid!

In choosing a long-distance moving company, it’s important to ask good questions to get the best solutions. 

By answering (and asking) questions about details of your move, Appleton can empower you to choose the best mover for your needs. We want your move to be efficient and stress-free.

Any questions? We love asking (and being asked!) about meeting your moving needs. Contact Appleton for a free quote. 

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