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Move Your Business, Care for Your Team: Corporate Relocation Services

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A corporate relocation is so much more than just moving cubicles and office equipment (although we do that too!) — it’s about opening a new chapter in your company’s story. 

Whether you’re moving your headquarters, service center, or any critical facility of your business, you need a mover who understands the logistics and intricacies of your unique move.

Here at Appleton, we understand the full scope of moving businesses AND moving people. We’re committed to making your move as streamlined and stress-free as possible. We specialize in managing the entire process, from your office to your employees.

Packed boxes from corporate relocation services.

Corporate Relocation Services: A Fully Managed Moving Process

When you’re dealing with the MANY moving parts of a corporate relocation, it can be stressful and overwhelming. There’s a lot of planning that’s got to happen before the move even starts!

Our corporate relocation services offer a fully managed process, from the planning stage to the establishment of your new location. 

At Appleton, you’ll have a single point of contact dedicated to understanding and managing your specific moving needs, end to end.

Not only does this minimize miscommunication, confusion, and potential downtime, it also provides you and your employees with a consistent and reliable source of information. We coordinate with everyone involved in your move (from IT specialists to facilities managers) to make sure everything is efficient and handled with care.

This proactive approach to move management means we anticipate challenges and make your needs the priority, so you can stay focused on the business at hand.

Putting the “Service” in Corporate Relocation Services

Sensitive documents? 

High-tech machinery?

Lots and lots of office equipment? 

There are many facets to moving a company. Here are some of the services that we offer as part of our comprehensive move management:

Packing Services

Our packing teams are equipped to handle your most delicate items with the utmost care. Our team of professional movers are trained in all aspects of getting your office from point A to point B — from disconnecting, reconnecting, and handling IT infrastructure to color-coding each personnel member’s desk for quick, accurate setup.

And if your employees are also moving as part of the company relocation, we can pack, transport, and set up at a team member’s new home.

Secure Storage Solutions

Need storage during the move? At our storage warehouse, we can provide long- or short-term storage for items that can’t be immediately moved to the new location (or aren’t needed right away). 

Furniture Installation and Reconfiguration

Our team doesn’t just move your furniture, we make sure your equipment is optimized for your new space. We can disassemble, transport, and reconfigure your old cubicles in your new location. Reconfiguring your old equipment can save you the cost of having to purchase all new equipment.

Corporate Relocation Services for Employees

When you’re moving your company headquarters, you might also be moving your company’s MOST valuable assets: your employees.

As part of our corporate relocation services, we offer personal moving assistance for your team members. From packing their belongings to setting up their new homes, Appleton looks after your staff as well as we look after your office.

Moving to a new space is about more than just physical logistics; it’s about empowering your team for success during and after the relocation. Our change management consulting supports your staff through the emotional and psychological aspects of change, answering questions, being their point of contact, and helping everyone adjust to their new environment with confidence.

Corporate relocation services that are ready for anything.

Corporate Relocation Services, the Appleton Way

At Appleton Moving Company, we handle every detail of your corporate relocation with care, professionalism, and experience. We strive to provide the world-class, comprehensive support you and your employees deserve. No matter how complex your move (or how far you’re going!), our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of your business.

Is your company starting a new chapter with a corporate relocation? Contact us today to see how our corporate relocation services can streamline your move and set you up for success in your new location.

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