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Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Summertime Move (Plus a FREE Moving Checklist PDF!)

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When summer rolls around, so do many moving trucks — just like the one that’ll soon be pulling up to Sandy’s place. Like many others across the country, Sandy and her family are moving this summer. 

Sandy is looking forward to the change, but the process of getting ready for the move? She doesn’t really even know where to start!

With a summertime move quickly approaching, what’s the best way for Sandy to prepare?

She just wishes that she could get some information and guidance about making this upcoming move as low-stress as possible for her and her family. If only she had an expert to walk her through the process…

Tips From Summertime Moving Pros (Plus Our Moving Checklist PDF To Help!)

Are you (like Sandy) feeling overwhelmed by preparing for a summer move?

Here at Scobey, we’ve helped thousands of people have streamlined, low-stress relocations. To take the guesswork out of the moving timeline, we’ve distilled our knowledge into a resource for you (a FREE moving checklist PDF)!

So let’s walk you through the process, from two months out until the week before the move.

**Two Months Before the Move**

Realtors and House Hunting

When it’s two months before your moving day, it’s time to start looking for a new home (and get ready to sell your current one!).

The first step is to find a real estate agent and start looking at listings and potential neighborhoods in your new location.

If you’re also selling your current home, this is the right time to get it market-ready. Again, a trusted realtor can help guide you through the process of listing your home, scheduling inspections, and setting a closing date.

  • Find a realtor.
  • Set up inspections.
  • Set a closing date.

Do you need help finding a great realtor? Your professional mover should have connections! At Scobey, we’ve got amazing agents and brokers in our referral network!

Decluttering (But First… Take Some Photos)

Before you get totally swept away in moving preparations (or reading through our moving checklist PDF), it’s a good time to take photos of your home to document memories. Some of these pictures might become treasured mementos to remember the time you spent in this home. 

After taking this little walk down memory lane, it’s time to begin your decluttering process. 

Room by room, sort through belongings to decide whether or not it should make the move with you.

Think about items you’ll need in your new location. Will you need all those rain boots in El Paso, Texas? Maybe… or maybe not! Consider selling or donating those types of items instead of packing them.

Couple putting things in order using a moving checklist PDF.Couple putting things in order using a moving checklist PDF.

Starting the Inventory Process in the Moving Checklist PDF

Now that you’ve Marie Kondo-ed your way through the clutter, it’s time to focus on the valuables that are coming with you to the new location. 

A professional moving company (like Scobey) will take inventory, but it’s good to have your own backup documentation. Taking photos and jotting down descriptions is a great way to keep your own inventory records for the move!

For a quick and easy inventory, take a video while you open closets, drawers, and walk through rooms!

You can use this video inventory to get a quick, accurate moving quote from Scobey!

(Find out more about our Pre-Move Surveys in this blog post!)

School Records

If you have kids, now’s the time to arrange for their school records to be transferred — and don’t forget about your family’s medical records and asking for recommendations for healthcare providers in your new community. 

Organizing personal documents like birth certificates and marriage licenses now means one less headache later!

And while you’re researching your new community, find out about the local amenities!

Is there a coffee shop near your new home or a gym on the way to work? Finding out about your new community can make settling in easier.

**Five to Six Weeks Before Moving Day**

It’s five to six weeks before the move. What’s next on the Moving Checklist PDF?

Now’s the time to choose a moving partner and secure your ideal date and time.

Make sure to choose a reputable, professional mover (like Scobey), and watch out for red flags like:

  • A mover with no license or insurance
  • No written contract (ALWAYS insist on a written contract!)
  • ANY upfront deposits (cash on demand is the industry standard!)
  • Cash-only payments
  • An address that’s NOT in your market (reputable brokers will usually have an office or physical presence)
  • Poor reviews
  • Unprofessional equipment

Check out this blog to find out more about making sure your mover has the credentials and authority to operate.

Finalizing Real Estate Details

 Five to six weeks out is also the time to finalize any lingering real estate or rental arrangements. 

Pro tip from our Moving Checklist PDF: Your move-out date is the center point of your move. You can plan backward and forward from this date.

If you’re a renter, touch base with your landlord to understand the move-out guidelines. Homebuyers should be in close contact with their realtors to iron out any final details about the closing date. 

And remember: The day you hand over the keys to your old home is the pivot point for your moving timeline.

Preparing the Fam for the Move

For families with children, this is a great time to start the conversation about the move. Starting the discussion early can help them prepare for the change and process their emotions.

Moving can be a challenging time for kiddos, but open conversations (and possibly even visiting the new home) can do wonders in making the transition smoother.

**One Month Before Moving Day**

With four weeks left on the clock, it’s time to notify utility companies of your moving date — and make arrangements for new accounts to start when you arrive at your new house!

Make sure to change your address at the post office and update your address with other accounts and subscriptions!

Don’t forget about the other services you may need to cancel (and set up accounts at the new residence). Download our Moving Checklist PDF at the end of this post to help you think through other services you might need to notify!

**The Final Moving Day Countdown**

In the weeks before moving day, there are lots of I’s to dot and T’s to cross. As you gear up for the transition, staying organized is key. Don’t forget to download our Moving Checklist PDF to make sure you’re prepared and ready for the move.

Happy woman leaning on a box, relaxing after workingHappy woman leaning on a box, relaxing after working through her moving checklist PDF.through her moving checklist PDF.

After you’ve worked through your checklist and the moving truck pulls up — it’s time to pass the baton to your professional moving partner while you focus on this next chapter of your life.

Relax. We’ve Got This.

If you’ve got a summertime move on the horizon, you need a professional moving partner that you can count on to handle the details.

And with a handy-dandy moving checklist PDF (like we just walked through!), your moving process can go from overwhelming to a series of manageable steps.

Here at Scobey, we know that a successful move isn’t just about boxes and moving trucks. It’s about having confidence that your mover has the experience to handle all of the details — so you can focus on settling in.

Are you looking for a moving partner who can help make your summer move a breeze?

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