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Office relocation in need of commercial storage.

Why You Need a Mover That Also Offers Commercial Storage Solutions

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Football and tailgating.

Peanut butter and jelly.

Texas and barbeque.

Some things just go together.

And when you’re moving your business, moving and storage go hand in hand. 

Whether a company is changing locations, renovating their space, or expanding — moving and commercial storage needs (short-term and long-term) are two parts of the same process. 

But for procurement departments, HR managers, and maintenance supervisors, handling the logistics of a move can feel like Olympic-level gymnastics. 

That’s where finding a professional moving partner who can seamlessly handle your moving and storage needs can streamline the process. We can be a central hub for all your moving and commercial storage needs.

And here at Appleton Moving Company, we can seamlessly transition your business from one location to another, handle interim or long-term storage needs, and even deliver, assemble, and reconfigure your equipment to fit your space.

When you work with a professional mover (like Appleton) who offers integrated moving and commercial storage services, your company no longer has to juggle multiple vendors, handle logistics, or coordinate with a separate storage facility.

Business people waiting in a commercial storage warehouse.

A Mover With Commercial Storage Services: Flexibility and Continuity for Every Scenario

Whether you’re revamping your office space or awaiting the completion of your latest property, Appleton has the expertise and facilities to streamline the process. Here are some ways a professional moving and storage company can make things simpler.

Office Renovations

When your office needs a facelift, we take care of removing and storing all furniture and equipment at our secure facilities. Once the renovations are done, we can bring everything back and help reconfigure your space instead of having to purchase all new equipment. And this can be a significant cost-saver for your business. 

Commercial Storage Solutions for New Construction Delays and Relocations

The time lag between leaving an old space and having the new one fully operational can be a challenge. You might need debris removal or storage for your items until the new facility is ready.

Let’s say you’re building a new hotel. 

The furnishings are here ahead of schedule… but you’re not ready yet to receive all those beds, chairs, bedding, and other supplies. At Appleton, we can receive and hold all your items at our facility, delivering them when you’re ready or coordinating with a freight company to get them to your new building.

Government & Specialty Programs

In sectors where space is at a premium (like government and military housing projects), our storage solutions provide a much-needed extension for equipment and supplies that need to be accessed on a rotational basis. 

Whether it’s equipment, home decor, or any other material that needs commercial storage, we can hold it at our warehouse facilities until you’re ready for it.


Streamline Your Move With Expert Commercial Storage Solutions

When you work with a professional moving and storage company (like Appleton), you get the benefit of a streamlined process, expertise in handling logistics, and one partner to handle your entire business move. And when that partner is Appleton Moving Company, you get a century of experience, award-winning service, and world-wide connections and affiliates with personalized, efficient service.

Here at Appleton, we’re invested in the success of your move and the continuity of your operations. A professional mover can indeed be the one-stop hub for all your commercial moving and storage needs, and we pride ourselves on being that hub for our clients. With Appleton, you’ll get the streamlined simplicity and peace of mind that comes from partnering with a mover that handles it all.

Are you looking for a hassle-free commercial moving experience AND customized storage solutions? Call us today to find out how our commercial moving and storage team can support your next business transition.

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