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Work done. Satisfied young businessman is happy after professional packing services.

How to minimize stress, downtime, and disruption during your business move

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For Luisa, today is just another day at the office. 

Everything is the same… except the office location!

Yesterday at closing time, she turned off her computer, filed her paperwork, and went home. 

Today, she plugged a new address into her GPS, went up a new elevator, logged in at her computer work station, and returned to her project.

It’s just another work day, but last night a professional moving service moved Luisa’s entire office (including her files and workstation!) across town to a new building.

No disruption in service.

No having to hire several services to move furniture and computer servers and set up the new office.

And no worrying about whether important (and very valuable) equipment would be damaged in packing or transit. 

It might sound like the Bigfoot legend of business moves, but a streamlined move like this actually exists. (You can make your own decision about Bigfoot!)

When it comes to risk and continuity, a full-service move might provide the highest value to your business!

4 reasons to choose a professional packing and moving service for a legendary move

Whether you’re packing up a dorm room or relocating your business across the country, moving almost always feels like a big job. 

In our many years of service, we’ve learned that there’s something unique about every move. And at Appleton, we make sure those specialized needs are addressed.

Hiring a professional packing service cuts out the stress of planning, packing, and moving. We make sure your unique move is done right! 

Here are four reasons to choose a professional moving and packing service and make a streamlined move a reality. 

Warehouse worker packing boxes with professional packing services.

1. experts in efficient moving and packing.


If a carton of eggs has ever ended up at the bottom of your heavy grocery bag, you know the way things are packed matters! In DIY moves, people might not have the experience to know whether a box is packed safely and efficiently.

When items are packed incorrectly, they’re more susceptible to:

  • Content damage
  • Overloading (which can lead to weakened box integrity or injury during handling)
  • Instability during transportation
  • Inefficient use of space within boxes
  • Inadequate organization (which can be time-consuming and frustrating when it comes time to unpack!)

With a professional packing service (like Appleton) as your mover, you can rest assured that boxes are packed with proper techniques, appropriate materials are used, and boxes are clearly and correctly labeled.

Moving Vans

What goes for boxes also applies to moving vans! The denser the packing, the safer the load.

At Appleton, we know from experience that less movement = less damage. 

Having handled a wide variety of common (and not so common!) items, we can quickly determine the best place for everything in the van to minimize shifting and potential damage — and make the most of the space.

2. We mitigate liability and make sure you’re protected.

Hiring a professional packing service is a way to protect your belongings and minimize liability during the moving process. 

Protecting Valuable Items

When it comes to moving, we’ve (almost!) seen it all! 

Appleton has successfully moved important government documents, plotting printers, MRI machines (and other expensive medical instruments), and even helicopter and aircraft equipment!

Our trained team knows how to properly pack and handle items, and we use the right packing materials to keep those goods safe. 

We keep detailed inventories and document the condition of items before AND after the move.

We also comply with industry regulations and standards to ensure the safety and protection of your items throughout the move.

When you choose to DIY your move, you assume responsibility for any losses or damages that happen during the move. Full-service movers with professional packing services offer valuation (similar to insurance coverage) options in the case of loss or damage.


It’s unfortunate, but when heavy lifting is involved, there can sometimes be injuries. And if an injury happens during your business’s DIY move, your business is liable.

Professional packing and loading companies minimize liability in case of injury.

  • Our crews are trained in proper lifting techniques and safe handling practices.
  • We follow safety protocols and wear protective gear.
  • We use proper materials and equipment for packing, loading, and unloading.
  • We’re trained in correct loading and unloading procedures.

And although we take every necessary precaution, we carry the liability insurance that your landlord requires to cover any injuries that might occur during a move.

 3. We minimize disruptions and downtime.

We talked about how professional packing services protect your business’s important assets, but we can also minimize downtime and disruptions.

Sometimes, it’s too costly (or just not possible) for business to slow down or stop during a move. Appleton can help keep your business running smoothly during the process.

Remember Luisa from earlier? 

That wasn’t a crazy, made-up example to get your attention. We can actually move a business overnight!

A turnkey moving and packing company (like Appleton) can work closely with your business to plan a move that doesn’t interrupt your operations. 


  • We work with you to figure out the logistics of the move.
  • We formulate a schedule that meets your needs.
  • We pack and unpack efficiently, using labeling systems to keep everything organized.
  • We’re trained in disconnecting, handling, and reconnecting servers and IT infrastructure.
  • And we’re ready to adapt and have back-up plans if anything unexpected occurs!

4. We offer comprehensive service.

When it comes to choosing how to move your business, you have many options, from DIY to one of many moving companies. 

A mover with comprehensive professional packing services (like Appleton) means you don’t have to hire multiple services to complete the process.

Turnkey services can include:

Make your business’s move LEGENDARY

When you hire a professional packing and loading service, you get the confidence that comes with a streamlined experience, expertise, and coverage in case of damages. 

Even if you weren’t planning on a full-service move, ask for a free quote. Turnkey services just might be the solution that gives you the highest value to your workforce and operations!

And taking the risk, disruption, and stress out of a move is what Appleton does best.

Could professional packing services be right for your business? Contact Appleton for a free assessment.

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