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Moving office spaces soon? Here’s why you need to call in the pros!

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Jameson owns a small software company. The lease on her current office building is up soon, and she’s found a new office building closer to downtown that will better suit her operations. The problem is, she has no idea how she’s going to relocate. She has an open floor plan with fully cabled cubicles that need to be broken down and disconnected, as well as furniture in her private office. She’ll be downsizing in this move and has no idea how to reconfigure her office floor plan in a way that maximizes the furniture she already has. As a start-up, she can’t afford to lose work days, so she needs to find someone who can relocate after hours. At this point, she feels like it’s a lost cause. 

So what is Jameson going to do? Fortunately for her, Appleton specializes in office furniture installation, and we’re able to address each of her needs for her office relocation. 

What type of furniture can Appleton relocate?

With office furniture, there are two main types of furniture: cased goods and modular systems. The good news is, Appleton can move both! We’re not brand specific, so our installers can handle and maintain all types of furniture and brands. Let’s look at the different types of furniture and the services we offer for each.

Cased goods

Cased goods are furniture that don’t typically require assembly. This includes freestanding desks, bookshelves, and filing cabinets. We’ll load and move these pieces and then set them up in your new space exactly how you want them. We’ll even disconnect and reattach items like monitor arms. 

We can pack your office belongings using either plastic tubs or boxes. Plastic tubs are the way to go if you know you’re going to have some items in storage for a while, but they will eventually need to be returned to Appleton.

Modular systems

Modular systems provide flexibility within the design of your workplace. They’re typically completely flattened out work surfaces that can be any height or length that you want and can be configured however you want. An example of this would be panels or cubicles.

A lot of times, modular systems have power running through them, which means you’ll want an electrician involved to disconnect and reconnect the power. Our crew can perform a full-service relocation for modular systems. This includes taking out cabling, relocating the furniture, and re-running the cabling to include power networking. 

I need help reconfiguring my office furniture to my new space!

You’ve got your office set up exactly how you want it, but maybe the new space you’re leasing is smaller (like Jameson’s), or narrower, or has several compact rooms rather than one large open area. Whatever the reason, we know that reconfiguring your office can be a hassle. That’s why we offer to help reconfigure your office in a way that maximizes your existing office furniture.

We’ll take inventory of all the modular and cased goods furniture you have, and we’ll build a new inventory, proposing a reconfiguration that will work for your new office space. While we’re able to create a reconfiguration using only the items you have, we’ll sometimes make recommendations on the least impactful items to purchase in order to design your office the way you’re looking for. Our primary goal is to help you create a work area that’s functional and efficient for your specific business operation.

What if I need my office furniture to be moved after hours?

Here at Appleton, we know that getting the most out of your workday is important. That’s why we’re available to relocate your office goods in whatever way you need in order not to disrupt business workflow. We can move your office furniture during business hours, but we can also relocate you at night or on weekends if that fits your schedule better. If your last employees clock out at 5 p.m., we can be there at closing time to get you where you need to go. All your employees will have to worry about is showing up at another suite or building the next day.

We’ll also follow all COVID-19 protocols that your business has implemented, such as wearing masks or gloves when on the premises or when handling your items. We want to make sure your move is comfortable and seamless so you can get on with your day-to-day operations as quickly as possible.

Moving office space soon? Don’t try to do this alone! Contact us today to see if we’re the moving company for you! 

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