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DIY packing versus full-service move… which is right for you?

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If a move is on your radar, you might be thinking about whether to use professional packing services or if you’d rather go the DIY route. When you work with Appleton, you get to decide how involved you want us to be in the moving process, which includes whether or not we pack for you. This article will talk about the packing services Appleton provides, as well as some pro tips if you opt to pack everything up yourself!

DIY packing tips

If you’re on a strict budget, you can save some money by packing up your items yourself. However, be sure to consider all the associated packing costs like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. It can add up quickly! 

When the movers come to pick up your belongings, the van operator will check to see if your boxes have been properly packed and will make you re-pack them if they have any concerns. To help streamline this process, here are some packing tips:

  • When packing up a box, make sure to pack your heaviest items on the bottom and your lightest items on top.
  • A box is strongest when it’s very full, but don’t overstuff! Use paper to pad the bottom and sides so that your items don’t get jostled around.
  • When packing dishes, don’t lay them flat! It’s better if you lay them vertically. Don’t stack more than 2 to 3 plates together in a bundle of paper.
  • Be sure to label your boxes clearly so you know where they need to go in your new home!
  • Familiarize yourself with what not to pack so you can dispose of or plan alternate transportation for those items.

If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is! Our best advice for DIY packing is get an early start, even as much as several weeks before your moving day. Start with non-essential items first (think basement and storage closets), and save your essential items for closer to moving day. That way, you won’t get nearly as overwhelmed as your move approaches!

Professional packing services

Having the movers pack your belongings for you can be a lifesaver. Appleton offers full-service moving and storage, which essentially means that we do everything so that you don’t have to! Depending on the size of your move, we’ll typically pack up your house on one day and then load all of your belongings onto the van on the second day.

As part of your full-service move, we provide all the packing supplies and will disassemble items (if needed), wrap them in newsprint, place the items into boxes, tape up each box and label them by room, and add the box to the inventory spreadsheet. Once your belongings are transported to your new home, we’ll place your boxes where you want them. All you have to do is unpack (but we can also do that for you, if you prefer)!

Not only are professional packing services more convenient and efficient, they can also give you peace of mind knowing that your possessions are being packed safely, especially with your fragile and valuable items.

Fragile items

Delicate or breakable items such as dishes, mugs, china, stemware, or stoneware are packed according to industry standards. Our experienced teams know how to pack these items safely and carefully to minimize vibrations while your belongings are being transported. 

If you want to do your packing yourself but aren’t confident about your ability to properly pack your fragile items, you can ask Appleton to pack your breakables only. This cuts down on moving costs while also ensuring your most fragile items are being transported to their new destination safely!

High-value items

If you have any valuable possessions, it’s a good idea to opt for professional packing services, since high-value items are handled in a specific, unique way. High-value items are itemized on a separate inventory form and will be placed in a carton with a security seal. The van operator will then inspect the items before they’re loaded onto the moving truck. You’ll want to make sure you have adequate coverage in place for any items that have extraordinary value. 

Whether you choose to pack yourself or have the movers pack for you, moving can be stressful, but you don’t have to do this alone. We want to partner with you to make your moving experience as simple and comfortable as possible. Contact us today to get a quote on your move! 

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