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Here’s the spill on our specialty moving services

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Tom is an aspiring bodybuilder, and when his gym shut down due to COVID-19, he turned his garage into a fully equipped workout space, including a steel power rack and an Olympic-weight barbell and weight set. Tom is also an avid hunter and has several taxidermied deer and elk heads mounted in his living room. In addition to that, he has a mounted display case for his extremely valuable model sailboat collection.

Now, Tom is worried. His company is relocating him across the state, and he’s having a hard time finding a moving company able to address all of his unique moving needs.

Okay, maybe Tom is fictional. I mean, who has time for that many hobbies?! But maybe, like him, you have some large, complex, or highly valuable belongings that require specialty moving services. You should choose a mover that not only has experience moving these types of items, but also has the proper tools and equipment to accomplish the move safely. It’s important to make sure that your mover has the proper insurance coverage for the product being moved.

Does Appleton offer specialty moving services? Why, yes we do! We take pride in catering to your specific moving circumstances, and we offer several specialized services to ensure that your move (and Tom’s!) are taken care of.

Large or complex items

Do you have a Peloton bike, rowing machine, or treadmill? How about any wall units or wall-mounted large screen TVs? Or maybe, like Tom, you’ve got a taxidermy animal display. If you have any belongings that require unique or unusual handling or delivering instructions, it’s likely you’ve got a complex item on your hands. This could be due to anything from unusually large dimensions (like a grand piano) to complicated disassembly and reassembly.

We can move most complex or large items, such as safes, large appliances, or workout equipment. Appleton is a full-service moving company, so this includes disassembly, relocation, and reassembly.  We use the utmost care when transporting your items, so they will be blanket-wrapped and protected accordingly. 

Delicate or highly valuable items

We move delicate and highly valuable items every day, and we’re excited to accommodate your specific moving needs. If you have any high-value items, make sure to notify your mover to ensure you have adequate coverage in place. It’s also a good idea to obtain appraisals for any valuable antiques or art prior to moving day. You’ll need to indicate any valuable items on the high-value inventory form and have the van operator inspect the items before they’re loaded onto the moving truck. We’ll address any concerns you have about making sure your belongings are protected and transported safely to your destination.

What about fine art or museum exhibits? Although we’re fully equipped to transport these types of items, they usually have their own transportation. We do, however, offer storage for these exhibits in our warehouses (right now we are storing both King Tut and a dinosaur exhibit!). We’ve offered internal specialty moving services for items like these in the past as well, if not for the exhibit itself, for the supporting items that go along with it.

factory tools, industrial manufacturing and production equipment

Business and medical equipment

Here at Appleton, we specialize in safe, convenient relocation and commercial storage options for corporations, businesses, offices, hotels, labs, schools, and universities, all of which require specialty moving services! 

Appleton has an entire division that does nothing but move heavy machinery and unusual items, such as manufacturing and production equipment or medical equipment. This includes removal of old machinery. Additionally, we offer warehouse receiving and final mile delivery for machinery and other similar items. 

Let’s say you’re setting up a home office or a new retail space; we offer warehouse receiving and installation of any new furniture. We’re also fully equipped to relocate any store fixtures such as signs, display racks, and shelving. 

If you’ve got an event that requires specialty moving services, we may be able to accommodate you. In the past we’ve hauled for trade shows, and we currently haul equipment for a college football team. We love finding unique solutions for out-of-the-box requests!

Where do I go if I have more questions?

When people have large, complex, or highly valuable belongings that require specialized care, they usually have a lot of questions, like “how long will it take?” or “do you have the right equipment?” or even “have you done this before?”

The first thing we want to say when we get questions like these is, we totally get it! It’s so hard to trust someone else with the valuable belongings that you cherish, or the expensive equipment that you worked so hard to afford. Let us see and listen to your needs, build a plan based on our past experience with similar items, and work with you to make sure the plan fits your specific moving situation. 

If you think your moving needs are too complex for us to handle, contact us today! We’ll talk through your specific situation and find a solution that works for you.

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