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What happens if my furniture arrives before I get my new keys?

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It’s the week before your big move, and you’re lying awake in bed, mentally racing through all the things you need to do before the movers come. After an hour or so of this, you give up on trying to sleep and head downstairs for a glass of water. That’s when the worry creeps in, and suddenly your mind is spiraling with everything that could possibly go wrong.

What if the seller backs out? What if closing gets delayed and I miss my moving company delivery window? What happens if the movers deliver my belongings before I can get into my new home?

Can you relate to this? 

It’s easy to panic about worst case scenarios, especially when it comes to something as important as moving. Here at Appleton, we’ve got a lot of experience with these types of situations, and we’ve got your back no matter what happens. We’ll walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to expect when bumps in the road (such as delayed closing or early delivery) occur.

To give you some peace of mind (and hopefully some much-needed sleep!) we’ll run through some of the scenarios surrounding delivery day that we’ve handled in the past.

Will my delivery window start on closing day?

When working with your movers to create a moving timeline, you’ll receive a moving company delivery window, which is a range of days within which your belongings will arrive.

Closing on a home is a big deal, and there’s a lot that can go wrong the day of. Maybe the sale doesn’t get finalized until noon. Maybe there’s a last-minute mishap … even something as small as a missing document can delay closing by a few hours, or even days! Because of this, we never deliver on the same day as closing. For example, if you close on your new house on the 15th, your delivery window will begin on the 16th. By doing this, we try to avoid any conflict with delivery in case of a delay in closing. 

What happens if closing falls through?

Let’s imagine this scenario: you were supposed to close on the 15th, your moving company delivery window was the 16th through 20th, and delivery has been confirmed for the 16th. However, due to some last-minute issues with the title report, closing has been delayed until the 19th. Now what?

This happens more than you’d think, and it’s not a cause for alarm. 

The answer also varies based on the specific situation. Depending on the driver’s schedule (if he has another shipment on board or if your shipment is the last one, what his planned trip looks like, etc.), we can often work with our clients to get the shipment delivered after the new close date. If a driver can’t hold onto the shipment and has to deliver it on the confirmed date (in this case, the 16th), we’ll coordinate with you to put your shipment in storage with a local United or Mayflower agent until you get the keys to your new home. Additionally, we can also look into mini storage for you. 

We’ll quote the pricing for you and advise you of any additional charges. As always, your moving coordinator will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening and what to expect if anything changes in your moving timeline.

No matter what the reason, we know how stressful mishaps can be. If you can’t get into your new house before the movers arrive, we’ll be here for you, like we are during your entire moving process. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our storage options, please contact us! 

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